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Anunciação e Assunção

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  • The mountain of Alverne reveals an ideal of Francisco and his aspirations. The life of Francisco in Alverne is one of uninterrupted prayer of penitence. He felt himself to be poor and a sinner. He would return to mount Alverne often to find peace with......

  • Como forma de divulgar a cultura brasileira, ele ofertou ao papa imagem feita por Hélio Petrus, artista mineiro. O presidente da Embratur (Instituto Brasileiro de Turismo), Flávio Dino, se encontrou com o papa Francisco, no Palácio São Joaquim, na Glória (RJ). O encontro com o......

  • Hélio Petrus: The epitomy of pride from Mariana BAROQUE ART The term is derived from the Baroque movement that emerged in the early 17th century in Italy and extended across Europe and Latin America, where it developed during the 18th and early 19th century. Throughout......

  •    THE NEW BAROQUE OF HÉLIO PETRUS In his own words: “I try to take that dramatic density and suffering of the saints of the 18th century Baroque and make them more cheerful and jovial. For example, in my sculptures of the Saint Francisco I......


During the eighteenth century , while an experienced Europe as Artistic conceptions to neoclassicism , art colonial mining resisted as Innovations , keeping late Baroque um, singular MAS. The distance from the coast and as import difficulties of materials and techniques Constructive They gave the Baroque of Minas Gerais hum peculiar character , que enabled the creation of a Marked art hair regionalism . The formation of urban villages of Mining and an intimate faith in each que faithful was related to his holy protector , made possible a form of Single expression . What emerged THEN artists worked from the region’s material conditions , adapting OS artistic ideals YOUR daily life . Antonio Francisco Lisboa , Aleijadinho and Manuel da Costa Ataide are THE exponents Maximums this art adapted the tropical environment and linked to resources and values Regional .

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